St. Petersburg Christian is committed to providing opportunties for students to grow academically.  Our faculty contributes by offering students after school enrichment camps that are both fun and educational.  They engage students in fun activities that create a desire to learn, and they build on what students are learning during the school day to extend the knowledge they already have.  They also provide time for students to form bonds outside of the classroom setting.

SmartKids Camp

Kindergarten and Grade 1 students

Contact:  Alexis Knox


This spectacular math and reading time helps students establish a strong foundation in phonics, reading, writing, spelling, and math. FUN games strengthen phonics skills, special chart sounds, spelling, writing, addition and subtraction, as well as other math skills. All resulting in the SMARTest kids in town!


Mathletic Club


3rd and 4th Grade students

Contact: Cindy Hullett


The goal of the Mathletic Club is to increase students' interest and appreciation of Mathematics and to provide an additional resource to support learning math concepts. Our training sessions will include instruction and review, homework help, and games to reinforce the math concepts of our SRA Math Curriculum.

Art After School

Kindergarten - Grade 5 students

Contact:  Tekia Montgomery


The Art After School Program provides the opportunity for special projects and learning. Students who have a passion for art gather after school on one or two afternoons a week during the regular school year to explore their creativity, master their artistic techniques and have more fun than anyone can imagine!


PeaceKeeper Mentoring


Kindergarten - Grade 8 students

Contact: Jen Jones


The Peace Keeper program is an after-school program that runs every week from November - May whereby older students are paired with younger students. They spend 30 minutes together - talking, playing, and/or doing crafts. The purpose is to create a strong, Christ-centered peer community at SPCS. Our Peace Keeper program has been recognized on "Whats Right with Tampa Bay" by Kelly Ring and was awarded as an exemplary program by ACSI. The fruits of mentoring are abundant; the younger children feel valued by their older student mentor, and the mentor benefits knowing the positive influence they provide a younger student. 

Science Surprises


Fall: 2nd-5th Grade students

Spring: 1st-5th grade students

Contact: Cindy Hullett or Colleen Bender


Students participate in a different science project every week. Some experiments include magic sand, exploding Coke bottles, creating snow, making frozen bubbles, and many more. It's always a surprise!

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