Numbers (ABEKA)

K-4 children learn to recognize and understand the concepts of numbers. By the end of the year, they will be able to count from 1-100, recognize 1-20, distinguish before and after numbers, and answer simple combinations. The various materials and hands-on activities provide strong visual support for the concepts. Students receive additional practice with workbooks.

Language Skills Development (ABEKA)

Skills Development time is a fun time set aside to strengthen listening, fine motor coordination, eye-hand coordination, visual perception, and writing skills. The Language Development Visuals teach children about animals, people, places, and things; and they help answer many “Why?” and “How?” questions. Games, songs, free art, stencil art, books, manipulative, puzzles, and much more provide additional support to enhance skills development. Colors, shapes, opposites, careers, transportation, senses, seasons, manners, and social skills are just a few of our learning topics.

Phonics and Reading (ABEKA)

Using a simple, logical phonics system, children in K-4 can learn to read. They begin by mastering the vowels and consonants and their sounds through enjoyable classroom teaching and activities. Students will learn to recognize the short vowels and consonants, blend two-letters, and read one and two vowel words. Then they move on to reading simple sentences the end of the school year.

Handwriting with Phonics (ABEKA)

Writing with Phonics is correlated with basic phonics sounds to help children learn phonics as they practice correct manuscript writing formation. Students practice key strokes using specific terminology (writing house, ceiling, pink carpet, basement, smile, wave, mountains, etc.) to help them get a mental picture of the correct formation of letters and to make writing fun!

Bible (ABEKA)

Bible time is the most important time of our school day. The Bible is presented through the telling of the stories of the Old and New Testament. Bible time includes songs, memory verses, prayer time, lesson, games, and other activities to help students learn the truths of God’s Word.

Activity Time

Activity time involves a number of fun activities including poetry, finger plays, drama, nursery rhymes, art, music, learning play stations, Show and Tell, and Telling Time. Daily recesses and physical education are also included as part of our activity time.

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