Welcome to the St. Petersburg Christian School Media Center and the information portal for SPCS students, parents, and visitors.

The St. Petersburg Christian School Media Center serves students in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade in finding great books and key resources for all their information needs. The Media Center is open each school day from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Students are encouraged to visit the library daily to return books and look for new books to read for their enjoyment.

Our Media Specialist, Mrs. Hunter, commitment to excellence is seen daily as she serves the children and brings about a new understanding of the Media Center. Mrs. Hunter works diligently to create an environment that instills a love for reading and freedom for discovery.

Our Birthday Book Club began in January 2005 and has contributed over 1500 new books to our school Media Center. All of these books are chosen by students in honor of their birthday. With the gift of a special book, each family has the opportunity to add to the legacy of their child.  


Here is how it works:


Prior to your child's birthday, your child will be invited to come to the Media Center to choose a book from the Birthday Book Club bookshelf. If your child's birthday is in the summer, we will invite him or her to come to the Media Center to choose a book during the month of his or her half-birthday. If a book is not found from the selection shelf we will order a book to fit the child's interest.


On their birthday, or as close as possible, each child will have their book presented to them and the child will be the FIRST student to check the book out from the Media Center.  

Each book will have a personalized bookplate placed in the book. The dedication will consist of your child's name, birthday date, and a personalized birthday message from you. At the end of each month, the children will enjoy a party to celebrate their birthday and the new book donation to our Media Center


If you are interested in joining the Birthday Book Club, please click the link to the right.  This will cover the cost of the book, processing costs, bookplate, protective cover, small gift, and party expenses.  


Darcy Hunter


As Media Specialist, I strive to have my students succeed in all areas.  I am focused on the spiritual, emotional, social, and academic growth of each one.  It is my hope that each one builds a lasting relationship with others, as well as the Lord.  I want my students to be excited about learning and reading. 


I welcome volunteers inside and outside of the our Media Center and treasure any time that they are willing to give.  I  hope that you accept my invitation to visit our Media Center and see how excited we are about learning new things!

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