Second Grade is located on the second floor of the new building. Each of our teachers is committed to their students, parents and classroom preparations. Parents and grandparents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom to help enhance our curriculum. The SPCS Second Grade teachers seek to provide an excellent education with Biblical integration throughout all subjects in a caring environment. Second Grade students have an educational experience packed with hands-on learning and exploring.


The SPCS 2nd Grade Program incorporates a challenging curriculum in:

English (Grammar/Writing)
Handwriting (Manuscript/Cursive)
Social Studies


In addition to these core learning areas, students participate in creative arts (art, music, recorder), library, Spanish language, computer skills and physical education activities. Students also attend weekly Chapel services.  Frequent field trips are included to enhance the academic programs. Students have recess twice daily.


The Second Grade teachers believe that the key to an excellent education lies in building a strong foundation for academic and spiritual growth. Our Second Grade Program is designed to equip students to perform at their highest academic level.


"Shine like STARS in the sky."  

Philippians 2:15

Natalie Taylor

I am an alumni of St. Petersburg Christian School and I am looking forward to an amazing year! There are so many wonderful people and opportunities at this school and I just know this year will be great.

I believe that every student can learn, some just a little different than others. It is my goal to make learning fun, engaging, and exciting for students, not just in my classroom, but throughout the school. I will be here to help guide the students academically and spiritually. I look forward to working together to have a very special year.

Tish Koon


Welcome to my Journey in the Jungle Classroom!


It is truly a blessing to teach at a school where God is the center!  In the classroom, I love to interact with the students and bring out the best in them both emotionally and academically.  I strive to set a good example.  I encourage them to try new things and to always ask questions when they are not sure of something. 


I hope that you have the opportunity to visit my classroom and experience all that 2nd grade can be!

"Blessed are those whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is the Lord their God."

Psalm 146:5

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