For all grades, our Bible program is focused around making Jesus the most important thing in their lives. Students keep journals and write in them every day to document what God is doing in their lives.


Grade 6 - Old Testament Survey


Students will complete a survey of the Old Testament using the Route 66 curriculum. Students will learn key themes in each book and how to apply the truth of the Old Testament to their lives.


Grade 7 - New Testament Survey and Grace


Students will continue to use the Route 66 curriculum in the first semester to complete a survey of the New Testament. Students will learn about the Church from a New Testament perspective as well as the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. In the second semester, students will study the concept of Grace through an in-depth study of the Book of Galatians. Students will learn the power of Grace then and now in their lives.


Grade 8 - Apologetics


Students will use the Lightbearers curriculum to discover and see the big picture of their lives. Many questions will be asked and answered throughout this course such as “Where did everything come from?”, “Who am I?”, “Why are we here?”, “What happens when we die?” The goal is to answer these questions from a biblical perspective as well as help students learn how to defend their faith in a relative culture.

Jonathan Otto

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