Fun times await you in  Math where we explore math concepts from Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, and more!  Each grade level has a grade level and an advanced track. The advanced track provides students with an accelerated pace and enrichment activities to ensure students are continually challenged.


Grade 6


This course covers a broad range of topics and is designed to be an overview of a variety of math domains. Topics covered may include, Geometry, Algebra, Computation, Statistics & Data, Probability, and Graphing. Advanced classes will cover additional topics and cover concepts at a deeper and more complex level.


Grade 7


This course continues to solidify the foundation of topics learned in previous grades as well as build new skill for algebraic thinking and problem solving. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, Integers, Solving Equations, Graphing, Functions, Percent Problems, Ratios and Proportions, and Geometry (as it relates to algebraic problems). Advanced classes will cover additional topics and cover concepts at a deeper and more complex level.


Grade 8


This course covers topics specifically related to Algebra.


Our grade level track covers key Algebra concepts such as Solving Equations & Inequalities,

Problem Solving, Ratios & Proportions, Functions, Slope & Graphing, and Systems of

Equations. Other topics may be covered as time allows. This course will provide students

with a strong foundation for success in Algebra 1 in High School.


Our advance track covers all topics mentioned above as well as Factoring Quadratics,

Solving Quadratics, Radical Equations & Expressions, and Rational Expressions. Students in

this track are REQUIRED to take a final comprehensive exam either with SPCS or at the

public school they will be attending upon graduation from SPCS.

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