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Fifth Grade Curriculum

Math (A Beka)

This course challenges students while inspiring them to embrace math through meaningful real-world applications. The program focuses on conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application. The goal is to grow student's math ability steadily while increasing their confidence in math.

Writing (Zaner-Bloser) 

Students are prepared for successful writing by introducing them to the 6 traits of writing and the writing process. This program guides students through the process of writing for an assessment. Students will analyze text or video sources, take notes, and answer comprehension questions using critical thinking. Students use integrated technology throughout the writing process.


Vocabulary & Spelling (Sadlier) 

Vocabulary Workshop exposes students to high-quality science, social studies, and literary texts to teach vocabulary in context.


Grammar (Sadlier)

Grammar Workshop is a research-based grammar program that provides instruction in the conventions of standard English along with abundant practice.


Reading (Units of Study for Reading by Lucy Calkins, Comprehension Strategy Bunch)

A variety of resources are utilized to promote reading comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency.  The Units of Study for Reading draws on decades of research, curriculum development, and working shoulder-to-shoulder with students. It is rooted in best practices and the newest thinking on reading instruction.


Bible (ACSI)

Students will learn about Biblical characters and events in the Bible and apply the teachings to their life. They will also develop Christian character traits. The students will memorize scripture to analyze and apply to their life, especially during trials.


Science (TCI)

Students will discover eternal truths about the world God has created around us and God's purpose for all He has created. We learn about Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. We will study the human body systems, ecosystems, weather systems, matter, energy and so much more! We create our own human body diagrams, biomes mobiles, and do experiments. We will experience many more hands-on activities to enhance our learning! 


Social Studies (TCI)

Students learn U.S. history from a Christian perspective, starting at the great migration of people across the Asian land bridge right through to modern day times. We study archaeology and learn how to sift and sort through ancient artifacts. Our curriculum follows National and Florida Sunshine State Standards with real and virtual field trips to make history come alive.

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