Our Upper Division students visit their elective classes on a weekly basis.  The Upper Division Elective Classes are: Art, Band, Musical Theater, WSPC News Program, Wheel, and Yearbook.  All of the elective classes are full year with the exception of wheel which rotates on a quarterly basis.

paint easles


This class is for students that have indicated a true commitment to the spacial arts and work independently on projects of a larger scale with a more intense focus. Three dimensional, pieces like scenery for plays and the giant Christmas cards that decorate the exterior of our campus during the holidays are a few examples of the magnitude of their work. They also create a personal portfolio that can be added to and presented for evaluation to high schools that require performance pieces for acceptance into an Art program.

Person Playing Saxophone


Band students are taught the care and techniques required to be a skillful musician. The curriculum starts students with a basic method book in beginning band and progresses with tunes in various generes, worship songs and standard band literature. Studies in music theory and composition are also part of the curriculum. Several performance outlets in our community teach students to use music to encourage others and worship God.



The class introduces students to the basic fundamentals of acting, staging, costuming, choreography, and chorus studies. This class performs in two concerts a year and participates in other workshops where students work to improve their craft.

Press Conference


The WSPC video production team works together to create the WSPC morning show. The students develop, outline, and record shows.


Students that are a part of the WSPC team work together to create informational pieces to assist in the day to day learning as well as informing our school community of current events and school news updates. 


The weekly morning show airs in each classroom.

Archery Board


Students rotate to a new skill each quarter.  These are subject to change, but have included: Archery, 

Debate, Life Skills, Study Hall, and Team Sports.



Yearbook students have the responsibility of recording the events of the year for the Torch Yearbook published each year. Students meet during the elective periods to build, design and eventually produce the yearbook. Each team member is given specific responsibilities and 1-2 people are made editors. It is critical that the yearbook staff is organized and working ahead to ensure that deadlines are met.