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St. Petersburg Christian School has a commitment to the welfare of the whole child, which includes his or her spiritual, social and emotional well-being. Guidance  is available to assist students through the unexpected events of their young lives and to provide leadership with programs that will help them navigate successfully through the formative years. Referrals are initiated upon request of the student, a parent, or a teacher.


Each homeroom, K-8, is visited by a guidance counselor monthly. Subjects that are presented help to raise awareness on spiritual and social issues that can affect the school environment. A few of the social topics that are generally covered are as follows: the effects of bullying, the dangers of drugs, healthy ways to cope with anxiety and depression, and appropriate ways to handle conflict. Spiritual topics that are generally covered are as follows: sharing your faith, helping others, and giving to those in need, persevering, and showing agape love. They are expounded upon in chapel messages and bible classes through aligned scripture verses, stories, videos, songs, and interactive activities.


Groups are formed on an “as needed” basis. Topics range from grief from a death to making friends. So as to not disrupt classroom instruction, groups meet at the close of the school day, during lunch, or during recess.


Mrs. Jones graduated from Florida State University with a B.A. in Psychology and from University of South Florida with a Masters in Counselor Education. She has taught and counseled individuals of all ages, but is especially happy to be working with the elementary and middle school children.


Jennifer Jones oversees our academically relevant programs including our annual Stanford 10 standardized test (K - 8th) and the ERB Writing Test (3rd - 8th).  In addition, she oversees the nominations of 4th through 7th grade students to the Duke TIP -Talent Identification Program. Duke TIP recognizes students who have demonstrated academic aptitude through exceptionally high standardized testing scores. This program provides enrichment activities that allow gifted students extra motivation and support through online enrichment, writing contests, exclusive publications, advanced testing, and recognition.

Jen Jones

Guidance Counselor

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