Math (A Beka)
Students will experience the process of solving problems in an orderly manner and will obtain mathematical truths and procedures through using manipulatives, singing math related songs, playing interactive games, viewing videos, and role playing. Units of study include: addition and subtraction, fractions, measurement, counting coins, and telling time.


English/Grammar (Zaner-Bloser)
Students are prepared for successful writing by introducing them to the 6 traits of writing and the writing process. This program encourages students to get their thoughts on paper and provides instruction for emerging, developing, and advance writers. Students use integrated technology throughout the writing process. Online grammar games and proofreading activities excite students about learning grammar, usage, and mechanics skills.


Reading and Phonics (A Beka)
Students will identify and apply phonics sounds in context, improve fluency in reading aloud, and improve their ability to comprehend what is being read.  Their vocabulary will increase with literature exposure.


Spelling (A Beka)
Students will learn to properly use words in their spoken language and write them correctly as well.  Spelling words integrate phonics curriculum.


Handwriting  (Zaner-Bloser)
Zaner-Bloser Handwriting guides students through a proven, step-by-step process for learning legible manuscript handwriting. The engaging, colorful student edition provides developmentally appropriate activities to develop fluency and automaticity, and increase legibility through regular self-evaluation. Digital resources engage students in daily handwriting instruction. Letter and numeral formation animations, short instructional videos, and fun, interactive letter activities make handwriting fun!


Bible (Purposeful Design Development of Christian Worldview)
Through the use of scriptures and Bible stories, the students will learn about the special gifts God gives us; gifts of creation, special promises, worship, a Savior, friends and special blessing.  A Bible verse is given each week for memorization.


Science (Scott Foresman)
Students will explore the world around them using their senses and the scientific method.  Students will know God is the creator of all things.  Students will learn to appreciate and take care of the world they live in.


Social Studies (A Beka and TCI)
Students learn more about their community and its helpers.  Students study the important symbols, history, and places of interest in their country.  They learn about the world they live in and lay a foundation for various countries on each continent.  They also learn basic map skills.  

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