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Second Grade Curriculum

Math (A Beka)

Students will explore numbers, skills, and concepts through concrete experiences and personal perspective. Units of study include: addition and subtraction, fractions, measurement, geometry, and the introduction of multiplication and division.

Language Arts (Zaner-Bloser)

Students are prepared for successful writing by introducing them to the 6 traits of writing and the writing process. This program encourages students to get their thoughts on paper and provides instruction for emerging, developing, and advanced writers. Students use integrated technology throughout the writing process. Online grammar games and proofreading activities excite students about learning grammar, usage, and mechanics skills.


Reading and Phonics (A Beka)

Students will reinforce phonics sounds in context, improve fluency in reading aloud, and improve their ability to comprehend what is being read. The Accelerated Reader program is utilized throughout the school year. This program allows students to read leveled literature books and take quizzes via computer to assess their reading comprehension and to monitor their own reading progress. Researched based reading strategies (The 7 Keys to Reading Comprehension), teach students how to understand what they are reading across all content areas.


Spelling (A Beka)

Students will learn to properly use words in their spoken language and be able to write them correctly as well. Most of the words are arranged phonetically so students can recognize basic spelling patterns.


Handwriting  (Zaner-Bloser)

Students will continue to develop proper manuscript handwriting in addition to the introduction of cursive lower and uppercase letters of the alphabet. Zaner-Bloser Handwriting guides students through a proven, step-by-step process for learning legible handwriting. The engaging, colorful student edition provides developmentally appropriate activities to develop fluency and automaticity, and increase legibility through regular self-evaluation. Digital resources engage students in daily handwriting instruction. Letter and numeral formation animations, short instructional videos, and fun, interactive letter activities make handwriting fun!


Bible (ACSI)

Students will study the stories and characters of the Bible as well as Christ-like character traits. They will learn how Biblical principles can be applied in the present world. A Bible verse is given each week for memorization.


Science (A Beka)

Students will observe and experience God's world in a new way.  This will occur through exploring life, Earth, physical science, as well as space and technology.


Social Studies (TCI)

Students will be taught the principles that made this country great.  They will develop a patriotic appreciation for America's history and see how God guides and controls the events of this country. Each lesson teaches at least one of the four core disciplines of Social Studies:  Civics, Economics, Geography, and History.  The students have an interactive notebook that reinforces the concepts taught in each lesson.

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