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Fourth Grade Curriculum

Math (A Beka)

Students will solve real-world problems by using mental math along with critical thinking.  Units of study include: multi-digit multiplication and division, graphing functions, decimals, fractions, and percentages, probability, and geometry.

Language Arts (Zaner-Bloser/A Beka)

Students are prepared for successful writing by introducing them to the 6 traits of writing and the writing process. This program guides students through the process of writing for an assessment. Close Reading teaches students to analyze authentic text or video sources, take notes, and answer comprehension questions using critical thinking. Students use integrated technology throughout the writing process. Online grammar games and proofreading activities excite students about learning grammar, usage, and mechanics skills.


Reading (Individualized/Accelerated Reader/7 Keys to Reading Comprehension)

A variety of resources are utilized to promote reading comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency. An IRP (Individualized Reading Program) allows students to select trade books in their reading range and take quizzes on the computer through our AR (Accelerated Reader Program). This program monitors student progress and comprehension in reading. The 7 Keys to Reading Comprehension (research-based skills), provides students with the strategies they need to understand what they are reading across all content areas. Read & Think evaluates students reading comprehension on a weekly basis.


Penmanship  (Zaner-Bloser)

Students will learn that handwriting is one of the most important means of communication. The students will understand that knowing how to write legibly, with ease and fluency, will allow them as a writer to record and communicate ideas rapidly and understandably. Zaner-Bloser Handwriting guides students through a proven, step-by-step process for learning legible handwriting. The engaging, colorful student edition provides developmentally appropriate activities to develop fluency and automaticity, and increase legibility through regular self-evaluation. Digital resources engage students in daily handwriting instruction. Letter and numeral formation animations, short instructional videos, and fun, interactive letter activities make handwriting fun!


Bible (ACSI)

Students will learn about the life of Christ and the Epistles and apply the teachings to their life.  They will also develop Christian character traits using the life of Paul as an example.  The students will memorize scripture to analyze and apply to their life, especially during trials.


Science (A Beka)

Students will gain a better understanding of the world around them, including plants, animals, their body, natural disasters, and technology.


Social Studies (TCI)

Students will learn about the discovery of Florida and they will develop a great appreciation for the events that have made Florida what it is today. Students will also discover what man has done with the time that God has given him. Students will also learn about the discovery of our country, and they will develop a great appreciation for the events that have made America what it is today.

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